Wuhu 2 ACEOs x3

Hello ^-^v

I finished two ACEO cards in the last days.
Now I'm feeling better because I have missed to draw.

Here are the photos of my cards:

"Get changed" #77
My first drawing with underwear (xAx)... it was very hard for me~
I like the finished version, but unfortunately I failed the perspective... it's too bad.
It's an OC (original character, the setting is an elevator(^-^°) ) from Annichen from Animexx. 

Tools for the picture: black/ sepia ink, Tombow Dual Brush Marker, Copic Ciao Marker, colored pencils, pen-white and stickers. 

And the second card:

"moment of peace # 78
This card is for Taku from Animexx/Facebook(same name).
She wanted a card from Ken Ichijouji from Digimon Adventure 02 in this winter clothes.
I had many problems with this card(not because of the character or drawing...). My Ruppelkrepp ruined the face of Ken (T^T)
But somehow I saved it with a bit scraping of the paper and with pen-white... 
I hope that she takes this card~

Tools: Watercolors, pen-white, a sponge, 3-D paint, back/ sepia ink

Currently I'm working on another ACEO card for an exchange and three cards for a  Games STA (collecting-trading-action) on Animexx (n_n)

See ya :D

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