raft race event in my hometown

Hello everyone \(^▽^@)ノ

This time I want to show you some photos from the last Sunday event.
It's called "Flotte-Notte"("Flotte" comes from the German word "flott" means quick/speedy and "Notte" is just the name of the little channelized river in my hometown).

This event is every 1-2 years and everyone can participate in it, you must just build a self-made raft.

Here are a few impressions:
The right raft was my favorite one, it's a living room with a desk, a couch, a TV and many more (^-^)

All rafts were armed with water balloons, water guns and some of them with a catapult or fireworks(but this just for fun of course).  

Of course it was totally alright that everybody can make a participant wet. 
And this topic was really funny. 
But the raft people could also bombard the audience (^v^)o
Some of the rafts were very creative.

Well this was the seventh time that it was organized. 
I was just three times there and this year was my last time, because I will move to the Baltic Sea in fall. But I had much fun with my friends on these day.
On the same evening I finally finished playing Trusty Bell(Eternal Sonata, the special PS3 version)with a friend ヽ(^。^)丿
We have played together the whole game, that was always very funny.

And last evening I saw this:
It is sad that my camera is so bad and with my own eyes it was much more interesting (¬ー¬) ... but I always love this kind of pictures, clouds are so beautiful <3
And when I was very sick(some days ago) I had read so much information about clouds(a whole day).
Yeah, I make strange things when I have almost 40°C fever~ *laugh*
Since then I want to draw a picture with huge clouds (* O *)

So, that's enough for today.
Until next time,
Ral-2004 ( ^ー^ )v


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Sketches & WIPs

Hello everyone ( ^  v  ^ )V

This time I show you some of my currently sketches and WIPs(Work in progress) pictures. 
And I have many of them, because of my motivation... currently I can't finish a picture so easily ( ̄个 ̄)

(From left to right) The first pictures is important to me, it's for my little cousin... she died some days ago (;_;*)
The sketches in the middle and right are for my story "Spirit dreams within", someday I will redraw this story as a long series, the old version was a competition entry back in 2006. You can read my old version here(in German).

Well the left sketch is a fanart for Persona 4, but I messed it up... 
( ヘ_ヘ°)Poor Teddie... I will draw it again on better paper and with more concentration~
And the others are from "Spirit dreams within" too. 
Already I'm practicing to draw Chibis... it's one of the most difficult things to draw for me.

The character on the left is the same person as in the last picture obove in the right. It's the first sketch of him, so it's more sketchy as the others.
Then the sketch in the middle is just a sketch-for-fun with no meanings (´ー`)
 Yeah, this should be "Sora Takenouchi" for "Digimon Adventure 02" <3 I draw her for a fiend, she makes a Cosplay of her summer school uniform... but I'm so slow~ I will finish it soon.

And here are two WIPs:
The left one is a themed picture. My friends and I pick some random tags and everyone draw her own version of it.
And the right is a commission from one of my workmates. You can see just the basic(I add the background and foreground later). 
Both drawings are to be very complex, I need a lot of time to finish them... (^~^")

Next time I write about one event that was in my town at the weekend.
And sorry for my bad English, It's not my mother tongue~
So bye until the next entry


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Persona 4

Yeah, first entry here.
I moved my little blog from fc2 to blogspot.
My first entry will be about...*tatatatammmm~* PERSONA! o(^▽^)o
Correctly about Persona 4.
Have you noticed? The dear video game development studio Atlus gave the animation studio AIC A.S.T.A the order to make a Persona 4 Anime <3
This is soo awesome and because of my pleasant anticipation I started to play the game again.
Currently I'm in September with a game time about 60 h, 'cause I train my party more~  And this is only possible through the social link of the mysterious fox. This was my first max s.link.
Now he's really really cheap~ 
So I can heal my SP(Skill Points) anytime for low (ヘ。ヘ)o

And I'm happy that the main character finally speaks (more).... well I'm hoping it~
The protagonist has a new name for the Anime adaption, Narukami Yu, besides with his old Manga adaption name, Seta Souji.
It's a bit strange, isn't it? ( ö . ö )
But It isn't that bad, the new name has more meaning("The Superior Thunder God" or short "The Thunder God") for this character and I like this name more. 
"Yu" is one of my favorite Japanese given names <3

By the way, here is one of the trailers of Persona 4 the Animation:

You can watch Teasers on Mayonaka TV(the jap. original name of the "Midnight Channel").
And here is the official page of Persona 4 the Animation.

I think I will continue to play the game now~
Bye until the next entry V(^0^)v



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