I'm coming Baltic Sea!

Hello everyone (^-^)v

I just want to say that I'm moving directly at the Baltic Sea, because my University is there <3
At the beginning of the next month I can show you some photos~ 
Okay, I hope so.
I'm looking forward to my new home and I don't know exactly how my room will look.
And oh man I'm really tired from the ongoing packing (~_~°)  
I'm gonna miss my drawing material.

 Well until next entry, I hope I will be there without a problem*gulp*



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My new stuff

Hello everyone <(^u^)>

The last days I got a lot of new things, because I had my birthday and I just ordered them.
Here is a photo(click to enlarge):

I'm so happy finally I got today my copy of the game CATHERINE <3 
Now I can play it in English *A* 
 I've played the Japanese version borrowed from a friend... but didn't understood many of the plot ^-^" 
And I'm also happy that they add the lower difficulty level on the US-Version.
The short art book is beautiful and it's great to have a game music CD in it to.

And today I got the art book Kirsche(means "cherry", yeah, yeah German words are so exotic (^ー^* ) from Tohru Adumi. 
She is such a wonderful artist I adore her drawings <3
And this picture pad was an extra item in this book, I can't use it T__T 
I could never ever do it.

In the last days came these Anime DVDs to. 
The series are Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto, Card Captor Sakura and my favorite Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru <3
To have all episodes on DVD from some of my favourite series is awesome~ *girlish squeaking*
On the left side from the photo are some of my ordered papers, they have such nice patterns.
I look forward to using them soon for ACEO cards. (^-^)

Not on this photo is one art book and a white safe I got from my friends. 
The art book is NATURAL from Yukiru Sugisaki <3 
Thank you so much girls!!! O(>v<)o
My friend mirrowdothack visit me the whole last week and we did a little picture together:
 I hope you can recognize Yamato Ishida and Taichi Yagami from Digimon Adventute (Zero Two)? (^ Q ^)/゛
This characters are our favourites and we're currently working on a Digimon Doujinshi together. 
I hope we can finish this project soon. (^~^°)
Well this was it for today~ Until the next entry*wave*


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