My new home :D

 Hello everyone \(^A ^)/
After a few weeks of abstinence, I'm finally back.

I moved to Stralsund, this is a city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern(Germany), situated at the southern coast of the Strelasund (a sound of the Baltic Sea separating the island of Rügen from the mainland).

I miss my little cat ( ̄へ ̄)
Here is the last picture I made from her:

Stralsund is very beautiful, I love the landscapes here <3
And here are some impressions of my new home town(sorry, I can't make them in a row):

And here is my new working place:

Well~ I hope you like my photos ( ´∀`)v
Until the next entry.



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I'm coming Baltic Sea!

Hello everyone (^-^)v

I just want to say that I'm moving directly at the Baltic Sea, because my University is there <3
At the beginning of the next month I can show you some photos~ 
Okay, I hope so.
I'm looking forward to my new home and I don't know exactly how my room will look.
And oh man I'm really tired from the ongoing packing (~_~°)  
I'm gonna miss my drawing material.

 Well until next entry, I hope I will be there without a problem*gulp*



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My new stuff

Hello everyone <(^u^)>

The last days I got a lot of new things, because I had my birthday and I just ordered them.
Here is a photo(click to enlarge):

I'm so happy finally I got today my copy of the game CATHERINE <3 
Now I can play it in English *A* 
 I've played the Japanese version borrowed from a friend... but didn't understood many of the plot ^-^" 
And I'm also happy that they add the lower difficulty level on the US-Version.
The short art book is beautiful and it's great to have a game music CD in it to.

And today I got the art book Kirsche(means "cherry", yeah, yeah German words are so exotic (^ー^* ) from Tohru Adumi. 
She is such a wonderful artist I adore her drawings <3
And this picture pad was an extra item in this book, I can't use it T__T 
I could never ever do it.

In the last days came these Anime DVDs to. 
The series are Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto, Card Captor Sakura and my favorite Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru <3
To have all episodes on DVD from some of my favourite series is awesome~ *girlish squeaking*
On the left side from the photo are some of my ordered papers, they have such nice patterns.
I look forward to using them soon for ACEO cards. (^-^)

Not on this photo is one art book and a white safe I got from my friends. 
The art book is NATURAL from Yukiru Sugisaki <3 
Thank you so much girls!!! O(>v<)o
My friend mirrowdothack visit me the whole last week and we did a little picture together:
 I hope you can recognize Yamato Ishida and Taichi Yagami from Digimon Adventute (Zero Two)? (^ Q ^)/゛
This characters are our favourites and we're currently working on a Digimon Doujinshi together. 
I hope we can finish this project soon. (^~^°)
Well this was it for today~ Until the next entry*wave*


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Watercolor Day

Today I can show you two watercolor which I made today.
Because I procrastinated today from my work with screentones~

Here is the first picture(click to enlarge):
This was the first time I worked with my new watercolors. 
I really adore my new rose and violett colors <3
I know it's a bit late for cherry blossoms, but I love them.
The working time for that practice picture was almost 3 hours and I had fun (o⌒∇⌒o)

And here is the second picture:
Yeah, a total opposition from the other picture.
I admit it, I like blood pictures~
So, I had fun on this on too (^▽^ケ
And this was my first time I did no outlines with ink, pencils working great on watercolor. 
Maybe I'll do my outlines always with a pencils~

And as a response to one questions from a last comment from Odango:
Yeah, the GraphMaster Markers did well together with Copic markers (^ー^)

Well, I hope you like my two pictures and until the next entry (^ - ^)v

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New Marker and one ACEO

Hello everyone ヾ(´▽`)ゝ

This time I write a bit about my new markers.
The name of this markers are Graph Master and there are the cheapest alcoholic based marker on the market(1,25€ apiece).
You can order 2 test-marker for only 1 €, isn't this great? (>ε<)v
The official homepage is here(German). 
That's why I'm bought them and I tried them on a test picture.

This was my first test picture... I did the outlines like always with my beloved Pelikan black drawing ink and then... It smudged the whole picture (・-・*). 
I couldn't save it, ...what a pain.
Well~ never ever forget to try out your ink with new markers before inking.
In the end I was so angry that I put it in the trash(crumpled).
I did a photo of this disaster: 
You can surely see on his cheek how I felt in this moment (^ー^*)
And I did a second test image with pelikan ink too, but with a new one.
I first thought that it was because of my very old ink and I tried the new one with a marker on a different paper  only slightly smudges inking with the new pelikan drawing ink 

I really like the final version of my second test image (^-^)
These markers are really good and if I had worked with another ink... my start with these markers would have been better *drop*.
However I tried the markers with my Copic Multiliner some minutes ago and they did well.
The markers are really handy because of the triangular shape and they are not heavy.
Because of their very thin tip(0,8 mm)I will use them for ACEO cards.
I think they are a good option to copics and co.
It's too bad that there only have 42 colors yet~

And finally I finished today a ACEO card for a friend from Animexx (ヘ_ヘ)
Here are some steps(Please click to enlarge) :

She wanted one of her original characters.
I really like to draw "nerdy persons" v(* ̄∇ ̄*)V
And I hope you can recognize the black X-Box 360 controller and the mic... which were difficult for me to draw.

Here you can see my messy sketch.. sometimes I'm confused from my own lines, yeah yeah~  (  ̄ー ̄")   

Below is the inked card. Sorry, it's blurry~ My camera gets a clap on it for this *g*

Yes, its right. I did most of the shades before I color my picture. Mostly I use a light grey Tombow Marker for the shadows.

And I usually do the background after the shades, the next step is ground coloring.

 Coloring~ Coloring~(minutes pass...)

 Coloring~ Coloring~Coloring~ (hours pass...)

 Then opaque white for the finish~  (^u^)
And doneー!♪

You can the on the last photo how tiny a ACEO card is and I mostly work 4-7 hours on it.
Man, my hand looks weird (ö . ö )

Well I'm done for today, I will go to read Blue Exorcist Vol. 2 <3
Bye, until the next entry.


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Reading: "Blue Exorcist"(Vol. 2) from Kazue Kato
Watching: ... stare on my new artbook from Tohru Adumi (☆▽☆)
Playing: "Tales of Vesperia"(second play through)

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