My new home :D

 Hello everyone \(^A ^)/
After a few weeks of abstinence, I'm finally back.

I moved to Stralsund, this is a city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern(Germany), situated at the southern coast of the Strelasund (a sound of the Baltic Sea separating the island of Rügen from the mainland).

I miss my little cat ( ̄へ ̄)
Here is the last picture I made from her:

Stralsund is very beautiful, I love the landscapes here <3
And here are some impressions of my new home town(sorry, I can't make them in a row):

And here is my new working place:

Well~ I hope you like my photos ( ´∀`)v
Until the next entry.



Listening to:BIG BANG - Beautiful Hangover *love
Reading: "Blue Exorcist" Vol. 3
Watching: Big Bang Theory <3
Playing: "Kingdom Hearts- Birth by Sleep"


  1. Das sind echt tolle Bilder!
    Die Katze ist ja super süß...aber warum letztes Bild? *Sorg*

  2. Ich will deinen Katze knuddel *__*
    Sie war doch scvhon versand-fertig eingepackt XD

    Sieht doch ganz hübsch aus bei dir, wirkt schön idyllisch^^


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