My new Roommates

Hey there, I know my last entry was 3-4 months ago.
My new life as a student is a free time killer (^-^*)
But I try to make more entries, I don't want that my Blog will die-out.

Today, I will introduce my new little roommates to you.
I have got two zebra finches since January

On the left is the male and on the right side the female bird.

They're so cute <3>
I named the male "Yuki" and the female "Kona", because "Yuki" means snow and "Kona" powder in Japanese. 
Together powder snow, cute isn't it? (>ω< )ノ

Zebra finches are sleeping in nests not on poles.
I'm sorry I can't show you one photo of my sleeping birds, they're so easily startled (.__.)
But I can say to you, it's so freaking sweet when they are sleeping together in one nest~

This was my short report about my sweethearts (。・_・。)v
At the moment I have semester break and going to draw again.
Maybe I can show you some pictures next time.

Until next entry,

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