Oh my gosh! I finished something ( ' . ‐' )

Hello there~

I'm so proud of me, I finally finished a picture after few months of laziness.
Okay, it's just an ACEO( see description), but this is a good start.
My motivation is back, I'm really happy about that (´ー`)

Here my steps on this card:  

I would love to show you more steps in coloring... but I always forget to take pictures of the coloring steps (^ー^ °) The next time I will not forget it~

This was a practice card for coloring with markers... they are still difficult to handle for me. 
But I will continue my training~ V(*`ー´)v

Here you can find the bigger picture of my card.

Well~ We see each other until the next entry.
I hope so anyway ヽ(^v^)フ

Grettings Ral-2004


Listening to: "amp-reflection"(Album) from School Food Punishment
Reading: "Sora Log"(Vol. 3) from Kaco Mitsuki <3
Watching: -
Playing: "Persona 4" & "Tales of Vesperia"

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  1. der stern sieht ohne augenlicht echt creepy aus XD, aber das kenn ich ja. hach die karte ist total zum knuddeln, sehr niedlich^^


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