Watercolor Day

Today I can show you two watercolor which I made today.
Because I procrastinated today from my work with screentones~

Here is the first picture(click to enlarge):
This was the first time I worked with my new watercolors. 
I really adore my new rose and violett colors <3
I know it's a bit late for cherry blossoms, but I love them.
The working time for that practice picture was almost 3 hours and I had fun (o⌒∇⌒o)

And here is the second picture:
Yeah, a total opposition from the other picture.
I admit it, I like blood pictures~
So, I had fun on this on too (^▽^ケ
And this was my first time I did no outlines with ink, pencils working great on watercolor. 
Maybe I'll do my outlines always with a pencils~

And as a response to one questions from a last comment from Odango:
Yeah, the GraphMaster Markers did well together with Copic markers (^ー^)

Well, I hope you like my two pictures and until the next entry (^ - ^)v

Listening to:  -
Reading: "Love Love Mangaka"(Vol. 3) from Yuu Yabuuchi
Watching: Schuh des Manitu
Playing: "Tales of Vesperia"(second play through)


  1. Ich kann Kirsch-Blüten seit Hitman Reborn nicht mehr ernst nehmen XD, aber die bildchen sehen beide klassen aus^^


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