Pokémon ACEO card poll

Hello everyone ヽ( ^w^)ノ

I want to draw ACEO cards from my favorite Pokémon soon.
They will be free to trade, so I want you to help me.

Here is a overview for the poll:

Please choose your favorite from my favorites v(^-^=)v
Multiple Choice is always welcome too~

Which Pokemon should I draw?
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Every week I will choose the one with the most votes and draw it ( n.n )
(First Next choose will be on 31.01.13)

The first winner is: 10. Leafeon ~ here will be the card of it ~

Here is the posting on Facebook: >hier<

Facebook votes (last Update 27.11.2012, 14:50): 

1[IIII] 2[-] 3[II] 4[III] 5[I] 6[-] 7[-] 8[I] 9[-] 10[IIIII] 11[II] 12[I] 13[II] 14[-] 15[-]

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